Performance of Series 2

I bought myself a Series 2 during the holidays as my own treat. I love it. My teeth have never felt so clean.

However, I love it so much that I started to be tempted by other models such as HealthWhite+ or DiamondClean.

I love that your site points people towards the unit that has what they truly need. I only need the one mode in truth.

HOWEVER, if you read reviews at sites like Amazon, long time Sonicare users are fairly passionate in their opinion that the Series 2 and Series 3 do not have the performance of older models nor the HealthyWhite+ and above models. They seem very definitive in this opinion and yes they say they turn off the "easy start." Some even say the Essence makes their teeth feel cleaner than the Series 2.

Another reviewer stated that they contacted Philips and they admitted the change and swapped hers for an Easy Clean (older model).

Has your team compared a fully charged, pretty new Series 2 with one of the higher end models? You truly see no difference with the same brush head in equal modes?


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