EasyClean model

Like many others, I found your site hugely helpful to slice through the morass of options and conflicting information out there. I'm looking for a no frills device that gets the job done. Even the HealthyWhite+ which you rate highly seems over-gimicky to me with its multiple modes and intensity settings.
My dentist sells Sonicare’s EasyClean model which is on the Sonicare site, but not included in your review. EasyClean appears to be an older model, yet still of the more contemporary slim design using Li batteries, not NiMH. I'm generally partial to older models, having more confidence in their build quality.
In previous responses (Staff Dentist - 08/22/2015 and 11/05/2016) you suggest EasyClean has been functionally replaced by Series 2 and 3, which are basically "throw-away" models. I'm hoping the EasyClean predates the "lower quality, much noisier, more vibration" and planned obsolesce complaints of Series 2 & 3 and ProtectiveClean 4100 & 5100, while at the same time has improved upon the "less powerful mechanism" associated with Essence and Essence+. Is that too much to hope for?

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