UPDATE: Bought Sonicare 6100

While shopping this morning at Costco I broke down & bought the Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6100 (2 to the box w/3 brushes for $149.99 + Ga. tax for a total of $160.49). One brush at Bed,Bath & Beyond with 20% discount would have totaled $102.72, so I consider this a pretty good deal - although it will likely go on sale again at Costco within the next couple of months - usually about $30-$35 off.

I'd originally wondered about the 5100 & its power comparison to my old HealthyWhite+, but after further research & reviewing owner reviews on many websites, I decided I really would not be happy without the 3 intensity feature my HealthyWhite+ has. I'm really glad I chose the 6100 over the 5100 as quite a few reviewers had indicated they regretted buying the 5100 for the same reason.

I just compared my HealthyWhite+ and the 6100, both set on the Clean mode and the highest intensity mode, using my Premium Plaque Control brush head and found that the 6100 actually feels slightly more powerful. As I'd said in my previous post, I had bought the 6100 and returned it because I didn't like the fact the handle chose which mode & intensity to use based on which brush head I installed -- but foolish me, I'd not played with it to know that I actually could set my own choices of intensity and mode -- it had chosen the White mode when I installed my Premium Plaque Control brush head and I didn't want that mode -- I wanted the Clean mode & highest intensity and the owner manual didn't really give very good instructions on how to accomplish that setting.

I'm very pleased with the 6100 -- it really is the updated HealthyWhite+. And if you want to do so you can deactivate the brush replacement & pressure sensing modes, but not the feature that lets the handle choose the mode based on the brush head --but remember that you can still override that by simply hitting the power button until the light under the mode you want lights up, and by hitting the intensity button until you get the level you want.

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