Update #2 - Returned Sonicare 6100

Day 2 of using the Sonicare 6100: both handles began to make a very loud tinny sound. One handle stopped making it only when the brush head was attached (when I get a new brush I always test how it sounds without the brush head on for several days just to make sure it's working OK -- I don't want to find out after it's turned on in my mouth that it's going to go crazy). Having paid full price for these 2 brushes I was not prepared to settle for using only one. Decided a few hours ago to return the set to Costco & exchange for the 5100. I'd previously purchased & returned this brush from BB&B a couple of weeks ago & didn't like the fact I didn't have the option of setting the intensity I wanted & the fact it didn't have the same power as my HealthyWhite+. However, after trying this morning to decide what I wanted to do I suddenly realized that I had never deactivated the Easy Start feature on the 5100 before I returned it -- so decided to exchange the 6100 for the 5100 set from Costco. Got it home, deactivated the Easy Start feature on both handles and found that the intensity & power pretty much equals that of the HealthyWhite+ -- although the power/intensity on the gum mode seems the same as on the clean mode & I would have thought it would be slightly less powerful. NOW THE BAD PART: one of the handles has that loud tinny sound, which again stops only when the brush head is attached. I'm going to contact Sonicare before I decide if I want to try exchanging it at Costco. It seems it's not unusual for the 2 pack sets sold at Costco to have one brush with this problem. Wonder if Sonicare makes products only sold at Costco that are not of the same quality as those sold at non-discount/warehouse stores? If I can get this tinny sound resolved on the 5100 I'll be happy -- especially considering the price difference between it and the 6100.

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