You might try the following to get the details you want:
Do a search for this exact combination of words -- sonicare toothbrush heads mea philips --
Then at the top of the page, below the word "Google," click the "Images" (image search) link.
For us, the first image shown is a picture of several of the current brush head models, all in a line, all positioned at the same angle.
Click on the picture to enlarge it.
The brush head in that picture that is most angled is for the older style Essence brush.
The other heads are for the more modern Sonicares.
Most larger department stores will have replacement brusheads on their racks, although in their packaging.
The way we remember these displays, the packaging was clear and you could see through it somewhat.

Some stores have mock ups of Sonicare models on display, where you can actually pick them up and touch them.
Since different models come with different heads, you'll possibly have an assortment of different ones to examine.
(Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond have models on display in our local stores.)

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