Sonicare modes

Thanks for a really interesting site. The article here that researches the sonicare modes, eg clean vs whitening:
The article concludes that the only difference was the length of time the brush ran for. I thought that at first but also thought that can't be all it is, and noticed that within a 30 second segment, in whitening mode the brush alternates between what seems to be Clean phases and and a heavy vibration phases. So there Is more to it than we think, although whether it has any different effect, who knows. I also wondered about the advice given in user guides, to move to the next of 4 mouth sectors every 30 seconds. Sounds good but that must ignore the fact that from the moment brushing starts, the toothpaste effectiveness must steadily be weakening as it gets diluted by our saliva. So if say the top left is always the last sector to be done then that will always be the least cleaned one. Maybe best to change the order in rotation for each each brushing or just constantly move back and forth throughout the sectors as we go. Anyway, I'm glad I ditched the manual brush, my teeth are so much cleaner and healthier feeling now :-)

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