When you brush your teeth, your goal 100% of the time should be to remove as much dental plaque and accumulated debris from on and around your teeth as possible, including above the gum line, at the gum line and even below. Ideally that should be done twice to three times a day. Being effective in these efforts also requires flossing.

Thorough plaque removal is especially important before bedtime because when we sleep the amount of saliva we produce decreases. That means during sleeping hours the beneficial/protective effect that the presence of saliva produces falls to a lower level. As such, you are placed at greater risk (however minimal) for developing dental health problems.

There's noting wrong with brushing with a less-powerful, less-efficient brushing setting first and then, immediately following, brushing with the most effective one possible (Clean mode) so you get the job done properly. It's just that we don't see the great benefit of doing that.

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