Philips Sonicare 31000 vs 62000 oscillations

It's 31,000 vibrations per minute and not 62,000. What Philips is doing here is (to put it mildly) misleading.

A vibration is once back *and* once forth, and that' s it. Irrespective of whether the vibration is straight or diagonal in space.

What Philips marketing has done here is that they have redefined a vibration into back *or* once forth.

So they count *half* vibrations instead of counting *full* vibrations like any other manufacturer, and like every other person in the world.

If you have a piano, you can check it yourself:
62,000 vibrations per minute is just over 1000 per second, and that's the three-line C:
[Admin: 2nd C above Middle C has a frequency of 1046.5 hz.]

31,000 oscillations per minute are just over 500 per second, and that's equivalent to the two-line C.
[Admin: 1st C above Middle C has a frequency of 523.25 hz.]

Hold the toothbrush next to the piano and let it run, checking with which piano key the tone matches.

There you have the correct vibrations per second (or minute), no matter what marketing lies Philips is propagating.

[Admin: Thank you for contributing this explanation David.]

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