No, this page really is about Sonicares and their line up. We're not sure we could ever provide an opinion about all of the other sonic toothbrushes made. We have enough difficulty just keeping the Sonicares straight.
What we say on this page about features should be easy enough to translate to any other sonic brush when evaluating their features.

We're not necessarily impressed with the 33,000 hz vs. 31,000 hz argument. As is mentioned on this page, most all Sonicares deliver the same frequency, but the apparent power of the brushes seems to vary throughout the line (that's why we don't like many low-end Sonicares).

We'll also mention that based on frequency alone, it would have to be assumed that ultrasonic toothbrushes (which vibrate in the range of 1,600,000 hz) would be vastly superior to sonic ones. But there's no scientific research that has ever shown this.

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