Clean and white are different

I too find clean and white sound different. I appreciate your logic but I would love to know definitively whether white might be snore effective than clean. Here is the frustrating result of asking this on Philips online chat.
Nick: Is there a difference in cleaning action between white and clean. Or is it just a timer difference?
Kiara: I appreciate your concern, I'll be glad to help you with this.
Kiara: Nick, the Clean mode is default mode, while the White mode is for extra whitening. So the in White mode the toothbrush brush vibrates for extra time.
Nick: yes. I get that it vibrates an extra 30 seconds. But does it vibrate differently. Ie stronger or with different motion?
Kiara: The vibrations are bit stronger.
Nick: It sounds slightly different so I wondered this. That makes sense that tha amplitude is different. That seems like a selling feature but I could not find this info anywhere!
Nick: Thanks Kiara. Is this info written anywhere?
Kiara: I'm sorry, ! this information is not written anywhere.
Kiara: Is there anything else I may assist you with today?

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