After you go through your investigation please post again.

We're not so sure your expectation of the experience of an e-series head running on an a-series handle is a realistic one. That was never a configuration Sonicare intended (sold as a toothbrush unit).

Generally speaking, the Healthywhite+ seems to us to be the low end of the more powerful Sonicares. Although most people seem to notice a difference in power between that level of brush and the DiamondClean (for example). It just gets to a point where you have to decide how much you are going to spend on one of these devices.

It is the brush frequency that has to do with the brush's "sonic" cleaning abilities (cleaning beyond where the bristles touch). We're convinced enough that in the sense of just letting the brush run as you gently work it around, all of these brushes can be effective cleaners despite their differences in "power."

While we rather imagine you know, you should be able to return your Essence+ to Sonicare for a refund.

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