Thanks for taking the time to

Thanks for taking the time to experiment and post (Rob?).

It'd be appreciated if you could help with some clarification.

You compared:
An old A-series brush handle with an A-series brush head.
An old A-series brush handle substituting an e-series brush head.

When running, the Essence+ vibrated at 270hz, all of the others at 260hz (the 31,000 strokes per minute that Sonicare usually states).

Beyond that, your decibels number is a measure of power ... and you found the HealthWhite+ to be the most powerful (stronger) of the lot? You also found that in the case of the A-series brush handle that it with the original A-series brush head made a more powerful combination than it with the e-Series (a smaller, lighter brush head).

You also make mention of a subjective comparison of the Adaptive Clean vs. Simply Clean brush heads when mounted on the HealthyWhite. What you have noticed seems to correlate with the grading scale that Sonicare assigns to their brush head lineup.

Thanks again for posting your information. Please point out my errors in interpreting what you have posted if needed.

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