We're under the impression that the HX6711 is an old model (sold back around 2009 - 2012 or so). It was superseded in the Sonicare line up by the HealthyWhite+ maybe around 2015.

In it's heyday, the HealthyWhite was one of Sonicare's better lines (only the Flexcare as "higher"). The HX6711 was the lower end of that line of brushes ( 2 modes, and no intensity settings. The higher end HealthyWhite had a Sensitive mode in addition).

In terms of a reliable brush that has Sonicare's 31,000 brushing action, one would anticipate that that would be a good choice.

There might be some question whether that was a newly manufactured brush or one that had set in some warehouse for an extended period of time (battery issues?).

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