We think you can be effective with any of those brushes.

The choices you state seem a little strange, in the sense that they're not all really in the same price range (at least according to their MSRP's).

If you have a source where their cost is all about the same for you, you'd be getting the DiamondClean at a bargan price. It has more features than you really need, but with its higher MSRP comes a more refined product.

We'd let the difference in the way these brands brush be the determining factor. Oral-b's round brush heads lend themselves to one-tooth-at-a-time brushing. In comparison, Sonicare heads are more like traditional toothbrushes and as such are used more like them. Go to YouTube and watch some videos showing people use these brushes to figure out which seems the better method for you.

(Yes we know Oral-b offers the side-to-side Deep Sweep brush head. But that doesn't seem to be the one they use when testing the effectiveness of their brushes, so we're not so impressed by it.)

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