We'd guess that ours isn't the only website you've been reading today.

You state: You mention that this handle design has a "perfect ergonomic grip".
A phrase like "perfect ergonomic grip" doesn't sound like something we'd write. We doubt that we associate the word "perfect" with any electric toothbrush. And in fact a our search (and a Google search) of our pages couldn't find that phrase, or even just the word "ergonomic" used. If we're wrong, please point that out.

What we do say about the 3000 is: All of our above discussion leads us to the conclusion that the Pro 3000 makes the best buy in an Oral-B. That's in terms of brushing effectiveness and efficiency, cost and therefore value.

If you are unhappy with your purchase of the 3000, we'd have to assume you'd be even more disappointed if you had purchased an even more expensive model that had failed.

All of our pages (Oral-b and Sonicare) take the approach that in an era of lowest-cost construction and planned obsolescence that buying the model that has a reasonable brushing action and the lowest cost makes the best choice. In the Oral-b line up we still think that is the 3000.

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