Hi, my Sonicare toothbrush

Hi, my Sonicare toothbrush just died. I need a Oral B toothbrush head which is soft enough for sensitive gums and very tight teeth and compact enough for a small mouth.

Intercare compact tore my gums and Diamondclean compact was still too hard for me. Meanwhile, ProResults Gum Health isn't available in Singapore and it's too risky to buy from Ebay. So I'm looking towards Oral B, preferably one which is just as powerful as Healthywhite hx6730.

Does anyone know anything about the Oral B Sensi Ultrathin brush heads in terms of cleaning ability? And if there's an Oral B mode equivalent(vibration included) of the Sonicare Clean and White which helped to rid my mouth of plaque and food particles(apart from water flossing)?

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