We're not going to have much of an answer to offer but we do have some points to mention.

While we don't really state it on our pages, we consider the Oral-b and Sonicare rechargeable toothbrushes to be fairly equivalent products. Both can be used effectively.

Having said that, their designs are quite different, with one being a rotary type brushing action and the other a conventional sonic brush, so we don't really know how to respond to the questions "just as powerful as Healthywhite hx6730".

The premise of our pages is that within each brand's line up, there is a point where the features of the the brushes and their cost intersect to make a best/most cost effective purchase (Oral-B, Sonicare).

As an example, the (now discontinued) HealthyWhite you mention was once our top-end suggestion for a Sonicare best buy (now replaced by the HealthyWhite+). The equivalent "best buy" in the Oral-B line up to us seems to be the Pro 3000. But whether these brushes fit your needs we can't answer.

There can be various reason why a person can't tolerate using the "standard" Sonicare set up. Toward these points Sonicare has the EasyStart feature, brushing intensity settings on some models, and then different types of brush heads. (Note that the ProResults and Gum Health heads are less efficient cleaners, we would assume the Sensi with it's ultra-thin bristles would be similar in nature as compared to other Oral-B heads.)

If you'll read those pages you'll understand that with every choice that varies from the "standard" brush configuration there is a trade-off in brushing efficiency, and possibly effectiveness. Many of these trade-offs can be over come by brushing longer (so you reach the point where you have done an effective job). But a simple, single-brush/single-brush head answer to your question is very difficult to provide.

We'll also mention that we visited the (Singapore) website. It shows the old fashion ProResults brush head on it and seems to offer online and local ways to buy it. In pursuing the online options we only found "out of stock" statements, but that is different than "discontinued," so possibly a long-term remedy for your dilemma lies there. (Possibly an email to Sonicare/Singapore would be informative.) Also, 30 or so local retailers were also listed. It seems possible that one of them might still have the product in stock.

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