We've finally reached a point where we feel that if there was a company we wouldn't do business with just out of principle, it would be Oral B.

It's our opinion that no company could be doing a worse job in the way they name and market their toothbrushes. Having contacted their help staff repeatedly about issues, it's our impression that even their representatives have trouble keeping the facts about their products straight.

Per the premise of this page and its selection criteria, as a new rule we're only going to address issues associated with models mentioned at the top of this page. (The 2000 is not one of these models. We do see this brush sold outside of the USA, and then as the one-off Costco version you mention. But it's not a model listed on the Oral B website as being one of their current models.)

Having said that, based on what we know about the models discussed on this page, it's our impression that you can distinguish a 40,000 pulses-per-minute Oral B brush and a 20,000 by way of the fact that the higher speed brushes offer (at minimum) two brushing modes [typically Daily Clean (full 40,000 speed) and Sensitive (20,000 speed)]. (Hence the single-mode 1000 models mentioned above are, as we report, 20,000 brushes.)

That would suggest that the 2000 model is a 40,000 brush (you should notice that each mode on your brush runs at a different speed).

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