"Travel feature" - limitations with charger voltages

Hi there,
Thank you for a very thorough article, and I read it all before I went ahead and got the one brush with most features, but was also discounted the most at Shaver Shop Australia, so it ended up being the same price as the line below.

Anyway, when I got into the store, the attendant asked me if I travel alot. And since I do, I said yes. Apparently the voltages supported by their chargers for the top line, and the other Oral-b as well, only support one level of voltages. So for Australia, I got a charger that only supports 220-240 V. I was very suprised when she told me, and I distrusted it so much that I had to google for it. But it was true, and when I open the package this is what it says on the charger.

Basically, if I try and charge my toothbrush in the US without a heavy Voltage adapter (not just the different pins), it will screw up my charger and probably the toothbrush as well.

According to my research, this also goes the other way around, so if you got a US bought brush and charger, it will not end well trying to charge in Europe. This is REALLY worth mentioning in your article.

Then of course you need to think if that nice travel pouch is really worth anything.


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