Replacement for the: ORAL-B PROFESSIONAL CARE 8900...

Hi ~ Some time ago I bought my first OBET: ORAL-B PROFESSIONAL CARE 8900
And I've found it to be very powerful & effective.

Except: The shaft where the brush goes on was a sloppy fit from new, and got worse overtime as it started to ware away, especially in its key-way.

So I bought another, but cheaper model, because the spec on the OBW said that the basics were the same.

However: That's not been the case, as the cheaper models doesn't have the same amount of punch/power.

So I went back to using my first model.

BUT NOW: The battery in my original model needs replacing, & it shaft is really, really sloppy fit.

So I'm thinking of buying a new one, but which one ??

They don't seem to list my original 'ORAL-B PROFESSIONAL CARE 8900' anymore !
So which model would be an equal replacement ???


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