We found information about the 8900 on Oral B's website. It stated it was a 40,000 pulsations/8,800 oscillations per minute brush. Having that capability is the basic premise of this page, so from that standpoint we would think our selections above would be equivalents in that regard.

Battery performance might affect the brushing action of a brush. Oral B doesn't provide a lot information about their products but generally just categorizes them as lasting either "up to 7 days" or "up to 10 days" between charges. The later suggests having a relatively stronger battery.

Of course, there is the Oral B "satisfaction" guarantee. You'll have to check the conditions for yourself, but that provides a way of experimenting with different brushes.

We will also state that we have seen some eBay stores that specialize in parts for rebuilding electric toothbrushes. In some cases they will do the repair work for you.

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