Replacement for the: ORAL-B PROFESSIONAL CARE 8900... (2)

Thanks for the reply, However:
Unfortunately you can't just go by that statement in their specs, ie:

'It stated it was a 40,000 pulsations/8,800 oscillations per minute brush. from that standpoint we would think our selections above would be equivalents in that regard.'

The second model I bought & mentioned previously, was the 'Oral-B ProfessionalCare 1000'
And I chose that as a replacement for my 8900, based on that information, ie they both state that they have '40,000 pulsations/8,800 oscillations per minute'

But there was absolutely NO COMPARISON in performance, between them:
In fact I would say that the 1000 was much worse (in performance) than the many cheaper $10 battery brands, I'd tried previously.

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