Buying from Ebay Vs retail stores etc.

I have 3-4 days going back and forth to what should i buy.After reading,i decided to go with the 3000 model but it's quite a huge difference in price.Most of the websites will have listed at 80$ the 3000 and other ones at 100$ the 5000 model.You can see it's not a huge difference in the price.
But on ebay it is a huge difference.My question is how do i have the warranty if the toothbrush stops working from ebay?I contacted Oral B costumer service and they say that they won't accept hand written reciepts,the ebay website states that the seller must provide a hand written receipt.I am so confused.
What is your advice?Should i just spend more money and buy it from a retail store and not ebay?

P.s i also found out that the bluetooth feature for 5000 and 7000 it's not working on tablets like Ipad 2 because requires a bluetooth 2.4 and the ipad 2 has 2.1.This if for those that don't have a smartphone.

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