We won't answer that question for you, only for fear of not answering it precisely. Creating the illusion that different items they sell are actually different brushes is a smoke-and-mirrors thing that seems to be an important part of Oral-B marketing. We don't think they actually are, but you'll need to come to that conclusion for yourself.

We'll also mention that there is no 4000 model in the current line up of Oral-B products as listed on their website.
We mention a 4000 above because we had details about it from the year before when doing this review. We liked that brush.

As mentioned here, generally speaking its the number part of a brush's name that indicates its type and level of features. So it would be our expectation that both brushes you are looking at are very very similar.

We looked up the precise model names you mentioned. What we saw at one major online retailer was that one was still sold but not the other. The pictures shown of both models (the actual brush, stand and case) looked identical, except for possibly the brush head (which we didn't have a close up of). But we have no way of knowing if what we saw is the same as what you've seen.

We'd expect the biggest difference between the two is simply the brush head they come with. And since you'll be replacing that in a few months, we assign no value to that factor at all because you can replace it with any other type that you want then.
We'd be surprised if you don't find that the number and types of brushing modes offered isn't the same (a premise of our comment above about all models with the same number share similar features).
If there's much of a price difference between the models you're looking at, there may be differences in how many brush heads are included or a travel case.

It would be our opinion that Oral-B doesn't want to sell brushes based on merit (which they could), but just a gimmicky name. It seems to be their goal to create confusion about their products, which is sad.

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