pro 3000 in the uk

a few comments since this subject has been my interest for a long time.
1. i would lovee o know the difference between smartseries vs. pro vs professional care vs genius - their marketing terms really suck
2. i started with 5000 in 2010 from the US and purchased another 5000 from the US in 2014. in 2015 i bought a 650 from the uk for my then boyfriend and at 2000 pulsation we both really hated it. I am now in the market for another one and bought the pro 3/3000 from the uk that i literally just received. the uk has a lot of random models, including 2500 and 4000 etc. the paper guide is for 1000-3000 charger type 3757 and handle type 3766. i suspect the uk one is similar to Oz in that 1000 and 2500 might also have the 40k pulsation and am almost tempted to buy.
3. If you ever have the chance or time, i would love for you to find out for us what different regions offer :)

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