Thanks for taking the time to post. We too have found it difficult to understand the naming nomenclature that Oral-b has chosen to use.

For the most part, we defer to the number assigned to the brush in trying to make comparisons. For instance, you were disappointed with the brushing action of a 650 brush vs. 5000 brushes you had had before.

Evidently it's new names and new gimmicks that sell toothbrushes. And that's why we have so little faith in any latest and greatest introductions from any electric toothbrush manufacturer. Like this page concludes, the middle of the road offerings tend to make the best choice for us.

As far as including world-wide models and numbers, if you've ever gone to the Brau.com page where you can try to track down the user manual for your brush, you'll see what a nightmarish task that would be.

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