It depends.
A Mandibular block injection (Inferior Alveolar nerve block) is the most common injection used to numb up lower back teeth (molars, premolars). And the purpose of this injection includes numbing up the lingual nerve (the nerve that runs to the tongue, thus numbing it).

Lower canines and incisors can also be numbed up using a Mandibular block. But sometimes a different injection is chosen, one that doesn't numb up the tongue.

The tongue itself is serviced by left and right lingual nerves. So if you're only having teeth extracted on one side, only that side of the tongue will be numb.

A dentist will often be hesitant to extract teeth on both sides of the lower jaw during the same appointment (wisdom teeth seem to be a common exception). In this case, both sides of the jaw and tongue would be numb. This would be an awkward experience for the patient during the period following their procedure before their anesthesia has worn off. Good luck with your procedure.

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