Ongoing pain at injection site following root canal for infected

I had a root canal done on a left bicuspid on Monday. As I was about to leave the office, I complained of significant pain. I was brought back and received a block, which I was told would be long acting...6 hours. I was numb for nearly 9 hrs.

Since then I have continued to have ongoing pain in the soft tissue below my gums where I believe I received the injections. It is very very sore to the touch, hurts to move my mouth, and has not improved at all since the procedure. I called the office & told them my concerns about the pain the day following. Was told I would be sore since I received a lot of anesthetic.

Now it is Thursday. Procedure was done on Monday and still no improvement in pain. The actual tooth needing treatment is fine. It’s in the area well below and behind the gum that hurts.... the area where injections are given. I take Advil and Tylenol multiple times a day. The pain does not go away. It’s constant, hurts when I touch and rub my jaw and when I move my mouth. What happened? I’m in tears over the unrelenting pain and lack of improvement. Thank you.

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