What has transpired with your case is somewhat unclear from your post. But even with more information, your questions, and the information one would need to attempt to answer them, lie far beyond what what could be answered in this forum.

Your statement "feels like splinters in my top lip and my upper jaw & roof of my mouth" seems similar to what is sometimes experienced with paresthesia (abnormal nerve sensations related to experiencing trauma). Often just one point of trauma is involved although since the nerve runs to various areas, the effect is widespread.

In your case, the palate is innervated by the greater palatine nerve (a branch of the Trigeminal nerve, which is Cranial nerve V). Portions of the upper jawbone, teeth and sinuses are also innervated by branches of the Trigeminal.

You could Google for some diagrams to see if that nerve relates to the areas where you have the altered sensation. And at what point along that nerve it might have experienced trauma (although, even something like swelling or blood clot formation (hematoma) can apply pressure to a nerve).

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