You're paying the dentist for their time, work and materials used.
Generally it takes 5 to 6 office visits for them to construct a denture for a patient.
Here's what happens during those appointments:
1) Taking the preliminary impression.
2) Taking the final impression.
3) Establishing "vertical" (determining the needed height of the denture teeth) and taking the bite registration.
4) Evaluating the "set up" during a "try in" process. (Meaning evaluating a mock up of the denture and the alignment of its teeth in the patient's mouth prior final denture fabrication.)
5) "Inserting" the denture, meaning adjusting the finished denture so it fits in the patient's mouth properly.
6) Post-insertion denture adjustments. (As needed.)

The fabrication cost of the appliance itself, while not insignificant, isn't the highest-cost factor. Time needed to make the denture is.

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