We redacted the name of denture system you mentioned. We wanted to make sure that readers didn't interpret our allowing the mention of a brand of 1-visit economy dentures on our pages as an endorsement.

We were unfamiliar with the system you mentioned. We Googled it and found a YouTube video by the system's founder, a Dr. Wallace, and have viewed it.

(From the details in those two paragraphs, anyone who wants to know more now has enough info that they can Google and do so.)

We think it's wonderful that this type of denture has worked out well for your mother. For others reading, we want to make it clear that even the founder of this system states "The one-step dentures are not meant to replace conventional dentures, but to be an alternative in these difficult economic times." (Wallace 2012) [page references]

We interpret that as meaning that conventional custom denture construction offers advantages over this technique (we would think in just about all ways). And that this option is best chosen only due to financial considerations.

It was our impression from viewing the video that this technique is very dependent on the dentist's skill in performing the needed steps (more so than with conventional construction, primarily due to time constraints needed to accomplish certain steps, and accomplish them the first time, properly, before the denture materials set). So in that regard, likely the dentist who fabricated your mother's denture is due as much credit as the system itself.

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