Your comment's title is "fee for cast metal partial with resin."

We're interpreting that as meaning a cast metal partial (a partial that has a cast metal framework), with the "with resin" portion referring to the pink plastic (acrylic) that's attached to the cast framework, in which the partial's teeth are embedded (this day and age, denture teeth are usually resin too).

That's the typical "cast partial." Our estimate for a dentist's fee for making one is stated above.

Our number seems lower than the one you report. As a start, you would simply need to confirm that the fee quoted to you was just for the partial itself and no additional work (like tooth extractions or some type of supporting implant).

Another possible difference between what we refer to and what your dentist has in mind is that of "precision attachments." If a partial gets part of its support from a tooth that has a dental crown on it, via the use of a precision attachment the partial's clasp for that tooth can be designed where it shows less.

Assuming that none of these differences apply, it's common that fee differences between dentist in the same general area can vary somewhat substantially, often related to what their expenses are for running their office, or based on their experience/skills (such as a specialist's fee).

If dental insurance is involved, ask that a pre-determination of benefits is obtained from the insurance company beforehand. That will help you get an idea if your dentist's fee is substantially out of line with neighboring dentists.

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