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We will point out that both the act of cavitation (the bursting-bubble action that produces the denture cleaning effect) and the ultrasonic unit's electrical components that generate the cavitiation activity are both heat producing sources.

That suggests that finding a totally heat-neutral ultrasonic unit may not be possible. And in fact, since a warmer solution improves cleaning effectiveness, in most applications the heat produced is considered a positive event and hence the unit is not designed to help minimize it. (Of course we understand that in your case you are trying to protect your soft denture liner from exposure to excessive levels of heat. We're guessing you're trying to keep the temp below 130 F or so.)

While there is some inconvenience involved, you might consider controlling the heat level your unit's bath by adding ice, either initially or throughout the cleaning process. That way you could make a go of the unit you already own.

The idea would be to either place the ice in a baggie so its melting doesn't dilute your cleaning solution. (Once you figure things out, you could just pour the proper amount of water in a baggie and freeze that, so the exact amount of ice needed to counteract the heating effect is ready to go.)

Or else put your dentures in a baggie with your solution so, once again, its concentration isn't affected by the melting ice.

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