You're on the right page. From your description it would seem that what you have noticed is repeated episodes of pericoronitis.

Your tooth "disappears" due to the swelling of the gum tissue around it. The pain and swelling are all symptoms of an infection surrounding your tooth because you cannot clean it properly.

You can only see a part of your tooth because it is just "partially" erupted. And it's because your tooth has not fully penetrated your gums that you can not clean it (remove bacterial accumulation from around it) effectively.

The only question is whether the tooth will finally erupt (come through) the gums properly or not (is in it's impacted).

If the tooth is impacted (meaning is stuck in that position), you'll continue to experience episodes of pericoronits. (Everything we have mentioned here is explained in greater detail above on this page.)

The solution is to have the tooth taken out. The process of tooth removal really isn't all that bad, or painful. For some people, the use of sedation medication for their procedure can place them more at ease.

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