Swelling around wisdom tooth

I'm 43, I have one wisdom tooth left & it was halfway under the gum & halfway out, kind of slanted. I've had no problems with that tooth until the last couple of years. The tooth has been coming out in pieces so there was just a shell. It has come down to the remainder of the tooth which is barely a rigid area above the gum & nothing but a hole in the middle that catches all kinds of food but I can take a sip of a drink & keep it in my mouth & suck & whatever food is in there will come right out. The last week or 2 I've noticed an edge of the tooth is nothing but swollen gum & it's been sore. Just the past couple of days I've felt that there's something (not food) in the hole of the tooth & it's really sore. I got a flashlight & a dental mirror & looked back there where that hole is in the shell of that tooth & I can see something white in that hole. It won't come out. I'm starting to think it's my gums. Is there something I can do at home to help the pain & swelling until I can get an appointment to see a dentist? Thank you!

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