You simply need an evaluation by a dentist. They'll advise you as to what should be done with your tooth and if your current infection needs any management by them.

As far as the tooth's outlook, as discussed above, a big question is whether the tooth's partially erupted status is permanent or transitory. If it's expected that the tooth will never fully come into proper position, despite your comment "Never had a problem cleaning it.", as the illustrations on this page show, it's not really possible to thoroughly clean a partially erupted tooth, so there's always the potential that the same problem will occur again at some point.

While we're not entirely clear on this statement: "caused by the wisdom tooth slicing across the cheek." It's not uncommon for an upper wisdom tooth to come in at an (improper) angle where its cusps scrape and irritate the patient's cheek. If a tooth is both partially erupted and has a poor alignment, extracting the tooth is a common solution but it will take your dentist's evaluation to decide if that is indicated.

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