At this stage, it seems likely that you have an active infection associated with your tooth. Quite possibly rather than originating in the tissues that surround your tooth (pericoronitis), the infection's origin is instead inside the tooth's nerve space (related to the very advanced decay that you describe).

Pus coming from an infection is white in color, however we are less familiar with it being described as "chunky."

The product you mention contains benzocaine, a topical anesthetic. Topicals are typically only effective in numbing up the surface of the gums. If you have an infection (whatever the location), that's probably not going to provide a lot of relief.

Your solution lies with your dentist. One would guess that an extraction is in your future. Your dentist may need to place you on antibiotics before that can be done. You should describe your situation to them when you contact them. If they feel antibiotics are indicated, possibly they can phone your pharmacy so you can get started with them as soon as possible.

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