Reusing Invisalign Trays

Hello: I had a 6 month Invisalign Treatment Plan. A total of 14 Trays back in 2011 and it was a great success!
I had a Metal Retainer placed on my Bottom Teeth after my Treatment Plan was complete. The Metal Retainer kept breaking & I eventually gave up & stopped going to my Dentist. It is now 2017, 6 years later & my Teeth have been shifting back. I decided to try the Treatment Plan again but on "My Own" because I kept "All" of my Invisalign Trays but I no longer have the "Buttons/Attachments" on my Teeth which did fix my one "Crooked" Tooth. I have also seen another Orthodontist who advised another Treatment Plan, which I declined but was told I could "reuse" my "Old Trays if I still have all of them, which I do. Would you advise "Reusing" the Invisalighn Trays without the Buttons?

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