Your orginal set of Invisalign trays provided a path from your original (crooked) alignment to the (perfect) end result.

It is true that when the alignment of teeth relapses the teeth tend to shift back to their original position. But it's unlikely that your teeth are at that exact same point where they were at the beginning of the first time around. And then as you discuss, you won't have the buttons which help the trays grasp the teeth and manipulate them.

It is common that when an Invisalign patient gets off track that they are asked by their dentist to back up and rewear the previous set or two, and possibly that is what that dentist was referring to. Possibly they are under the impression that the relapse has been so slight that that will work.

But expecting to repeat your entire course of treatment, not knowing that you have the exact same starting point, and then without the buttons ... that seems unrealistic and something we couldn't encourage.

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