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We don't necessarily have a lot of good news for you.

As you probably know, attachments help to improve the grasp that an aligner has on a tooth, thus making it so the tooth can be moved more precisely and predictably (see explanation above).

Your dentist may be able to polish off some of the sharpness you notice but by doing so they're sacrificing some of the precision of the fit between the attachment and aligner. Since that's generally a bad thing for the progress of your case, your dentist may feel they can only polish them down minimally, or may not offer to do anything at all.

One solution is to ask your dentist for some "orthodontic wax." The idea is that the wax is mounded around each attachment, so to give it smoother contours. The wax is placed when your trays are taken out. The wax is removed (picked or brushed away) before you put your trays back in.

In passing, we will mention that there should be some general wear and tear on your attachments each time you take your aligners in and out. With time, enough wear may occur that this problem ultimately resolves on its own. Also, the skin inside of your lips should "thicken up" over time as it adapts to the roughness of the attachments.

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