Your short comment has a number of issues that need to be addressed.

In regard to staining, yes that is possible. But keep in mind that your attachments are made out of the same type of material (dental composite) as white fillings. And while it is the nature of composite to pick up stain over time, usually that doesn't become a problem for some years (an interval longer than most people's Invisalign treatment).

As far as placing clear attachments goes ... yes, that might be possible. Clear dental composite is sold, although it's not all that common for a dentist to have that on hand.

As far as the way clear attachments might look, we're not so sure they would be as invisible as you imagine.

Probably the most important thing to pass on to you is that performing bleaching treatments while you have attachments on your teeth makes a poor choice.

That's because an attachment is bonded onto the surface of its tooth, which means that none of the bleaching agent will be able to contact and treat that portion of your tooth's dental enamel that lies underneath. As a result, when your attachments are taken off, a little dot will show (the darker, untreated area of enamel).

In theory, continued whitening treatments can probably even this color imbalance out. But the exact outcome you get can't be predicted. You'd do much better to stop your bleaching activities altogether until your attachments are removed.

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