No, Invisalign cases don't always require the use of attachments.

The general idea is that attachments aid the Invisalign aligners in making tooth movements. So, using them will tend to help a case go more quickly or more predictably. Often a case can be treated with or without. It's just that by having attachments you get those extra benefits.

Your dentist will be able to tell you if attachments are a part of your treatment plan when they show you your treatment animation. Then, if you don't want attachments used, they can resubmit for a new treatment plan. One that doesn't include them. Or you might just mention your objections to them before your case is even initially submitted to Invisalign.

There can be situations where the person's malocclusion is so severe that it can't be treated via Invisalign without the extra help that attachments provide. If that's the case with yours, Invisalign will let your dentist know.

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