Every person's case will be different but we thought we would respond to/reinforce some of the points you bring up.

"My dentist did not mention that Invisalign would take twice as long as braces"
This isn't always the case, but generally speaking the use of removable aligners gives the dentist less control in making precise tooth movements (vs. regular brackets and wire braces), which may affect the completion time of some cases.

"as well as costing 30% more"
You're absolutely right, choosing Invisalign for your case may cost more.

"I will have to wear a retainer for a further six months"
All orthodontic cases require the use of retainers after the patient's active treatment has been completed.

"Seems it is just a nice little earner for dentists who are not trained orthodontists!"
That is a criticism of Invisalign. For most general dentists, it is the only orthodontic method they offer. They can't offer alternatives that might be better for the patient or their case.

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