We're under the impression that this phone number 1-800-492-7378 can be used to contact Procter & Gamble about difficulties experienced with their Whitestrips products. You shouldn't hesitate to contact them.

From your post it's unclear exactly what has transpired.

If you've fallen asleep during your treatment, it would seem that while sleeping you've instinctively swallowed your saliva that contains the Whitestrips peroxide whitener, thus causing your sore throat. If you've slept for longer than the recommended treatment time, it would seem your whole mouth has had too much exposure to the peroxide, thus creating its irritation.

With this scenario, it would be expected that the irritation would be self-limiting (fade away as time passes). An oral analgesic (like Chloraseptic) might help to keep your mouth and throat more comfortable during that wait.

If it's the situation where you had completed your treatment before going to bed, possibly some amount of residual whitener remained on your teeth, thus causing the irritation you noticed.

While less uncommon, the situation could exist where you personally have a reaction to the compounds in the strips and therefore cannot use them. The Proctor & Gamble phone number above might shed some light on this possibility. We advise you to contact your dentist or doctor for an appropriate plan of treatment and subsequent evaluation.

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