Discomfort Issue

Hello. I've used 2 sample strips one was standard and the other Luxe, did not use in same day every 3 days with very mild effects like teeth sensitivity. So, after the first time started again 4 days later with the Luxe and no problem. September 1st used Crest 3D White Whitestrips Luxe Professional Effects received them yesterday by mail and from viewing package directions and materials have a question. I have hsv1 which affects my bones to the point of arthritis like pain. My teeth are yellowish and noticed the strips are doing a great job in lightening them but after this use my entire jawbone aches to the point of a headache. Only had them in for 30 minutes then stopped. Should I seek further advice from denist /doctor if its wise to continue? Considering my health status? Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you fo your consideration and patience.

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