Almost all teeth bleaching methods involve the use of peroxides, including Whitestrips. And peroxides can have an effect on the surface porosity of tooth enamel, which tends to make them more susceptible to staining until natural processes reverse the effect.

This effect would be greatest with high-concentration/one-visit treatments, like a dentist performs in their office.

So while what you state is a best practice for any bleaching method, implementing it with a low whitener concentration at-home product is difficult and of less concern. (If you're performing daily treatments, how do you abstain from dark foods and beverages for 24 to 48 hours?)

While it would seem a good idea to abstain from dark consumables for an hour or two immediately following your at-home treatment, in reality that level of staining that occurs is probably only a minor burden and inconsequential to the duties of your next strip.

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