Treatment Frequency

This is a great site! Thank you for all the info that I couldnt find on the Crest website.

But I'm still not sure how long (# of days) I'm supposed to use the strips, and how often. I understand less frequent may help avoid side effects. But do I use it say every other day for a week? A month? Until I feel my teeth are white enough?

The instructions included with the strips said "use up to two kits per YEAR". The kit I have has 14 sets of two strips each. So that means 2 kits per year would be a total of 28 treatments per year. Can I use it every day, once a day for 28 days? I have the Glamorous White strips.

I got this from Costco so it came with 4 treatments of the one hour express strips. Can I use this in addition to the 28 max per year?

Hope I wasn't too confusing. Thank you for your advice! Aloha!

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