This would be our biggest concern with your post, the statement: "Until I feel my teeth are white enough?"

That's the problem with at-home products, the potential for over use, either accidental or when seeking unrealistic results.

Our response would simply be: What's the rush?

Here're the facts:

a) Whitening results generally correlate with the total exposure to the whitener (strips), whether that exposure is stretched out or compressed in time.

b) The exception to the above is the fact that for everyone only a certain level of lightening improvement is possible. Beyond that point, using more strips will not create further results but will still have the potential to cause side effects.

c) The potential for side effects correlates directly with the amount of exposure to whitener within a timeframe. Extending the time frame, reduces the potential.

If you're trying to avoid side effects, using strips every other day until all 14 sets in your kit have been used can make a good plan. If side effects crop up and you want to continue, let things settle down first and then try wearing the remaining strips even less frequently.

If with your first kit problems did occur, it makes no sense to continue treatment with a second kit immediately.

With dentist supervised treatments, using the equivalent of two kits back to back would likely be tolerated uneventfully by most people. But when on your own, you should error on the side of safety. Wait some weeks (at least until any residual sensitivity has disappated) before starting up again.

In regard to the express strips, the concentration of whitener on them will be greater than with your others. So, expect more potential for side effects when wearing them.

It seems to us the way the 4-treatment express kit is marketed, it's intended to be roughly equivalent to the 14-strip Glamourous kit that you have. So consider the express kit as your second annually-allowed kit.

Beyond that, tell your dentist what you've been up to at your next check up and let them help you decide if using more kits seems a reasonable choice.

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