Gentle 3D Whitening Strips

I have sensitive teeth that have become yellowed over the years. I've never had my teeth professionally whitened, nor do I have caps/veneers/bonding. I started the daily use of the gentle strips 2 and 1/2 weeks ago. I can see a difference in my teeth: they are no longer yellow. However, they are not "white"; my three questions are these: 1. Will I continue to see an improvement in the color as I complete the 28 days? 2. My front two teeth don't seem to be getting as white as the other teeth, even though they were not stained any differently and I do not have anything artificial on them: any explanation/advice on this? 3. After I complete the 28 days, what should the maintenance schedule be (using gentle strips again)? Once a week? Once a month? One full week every other month?

Thanks so much for your help. Incidentally, I do not smoke, drink coffee or tea, or drink red wine.

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