It's certainly possible that

It's certainly possible that you will experience a continued whitening effect. The whole whitening process is simply cause and effect (the greater exposure to the peroxide (concentration, time), the greater the whitening effect (speed, level of results).

Sooner or later a point is finally reached where no more whitening effect is possible (the teeth have lightened as much as they will).

In regard to your front teeth, there are just so many possible factors and variables it's impossible to know exactly what is occurring. (Are all teeth getting an equal exposure to the strip, is it simply some teeth need a greater/longer exposure before showing results, ...)

If this is of utmost concern, you might consider trimming strips so only certain teeth are treated, in an attempt to get them to "catch up" with your other ones, and then proceed from there. It may be tedious and a waste of materials but then at least you are more in control of things. Otherwise it's likely that the uneveness will take care of itself over time.

As far a touch ups go, you might just wait to see how noticeable any relapse that occurs is before treating it.

As compared to most other Whitestrips products Gentle Routine strips create a relatively minimal exposure to peroxide (relatively low concentration whitener, short treatment duration). (Hence the reason they are less likely to cause sensitivity.) So using a touch up regimen of once or twice a month would seem reasonable and unlikely to cause unmanageable side effects for you.

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